The facility of Government Kachna Dhurwa College , Chhura

Physical facilities for Sports, Games –

This institution has a large field for field and track events and outdoor games. There are adequate facilities for sports and outdoor games like khokho, kabaddi, long jump, high jump, discuss throw, javelin throw, badminton, football etc.

Indoor games like table tennis board, chess, carom board, are available. The college has planned to have a gymnasium and a yoga centre in near future. In this session the college got synthetic kabaddi mat for the player.

It is indeed a matter of great delight for us that this is the first college in Chhattisgarh to have a synthetic kabaddi mat.


The college has a wide collection of essential books which is managed by the lab. attendant. Under different funds, every year books are added to the library. In total there are 7743 books out of which, 4378 books are under the library Fund, 40 books under the self-financing fund, 1174 books under the SC fund, 1057books under the ST fund, and 1094 books under the BPL fund


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